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Flip N Slide Product Information

Product Description: The Flip N Slide is an auto resetting

mouse trap that attaches to a standard 5 gallon bucket.

It works by luring mice onto a well balanced pivoting

plank. Once the mice displaces half of it weight over 

the pivot point the plank will flip forward capturing it

in the bottom of the bucket. The plank will then

automatically reset for the next mouse.

Product Name: Flip N Slide

Brand: RinneTraps

SKU: FNS11917

UPC: 860007330100

Product Insurance: Yes

Brand Registered Trademark Number: 5542865

Trademark Serial Number: 90694395

Copyright Registration Number: VAu001445444

Patent Pending: Application #29782229

Patent Pending: Application #63179550

Product Package (UPC: 860007330100)

Width: 2.8 in

Length: 12.5 in

Height: 12.5 in

Weight: 1.3lb 

4 Case Pack (GTIN: 10860007330107)

Width: 13 in

Length: 12 in

Depth: 13 in

Weight: 6 lb

Pallet Information (4 Case Packs)

Pallet TI: 12

Pallet HI: 5

Pallet Max Quantity: 60

Length: 48 in

Width: 40 in

Height: 70 in

Pallet Weight: 375 lbs

Color: Yellow, Black

Material: HDPE, ABS

Product Category: Pest Control

Manufacturer: RinneCorp

Manufacture Location: RinneCorp Warehouse,

2141 Whitfield Park Drive,  Sarasota, Florida, USA

Shipping Location: RinneCorp Warehouse, 2141 Whitfield

Park Drive,  Sarasota, Florida, USA

Note: Packaging artwork may vary slightly

Packaging ( Front )

 Packaging ( Back )

The Rinne brothers live in NYC showing off their newest invention "The Flip N 
Slide Mouse Trap" With host of CBS
Innovation Nation Mo Rocca


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