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Nick and Carl Rinne had always been encouraged to be entrepreneurs.

From a young age, their father taught them problem-solving skills as well as

the basics in designing and manufacturing. The two brothers often spent time

in their family garage working on various projects together until they were

inspired by YouTuber "Shawn Woods" featuring a log balanced atop a bucket

that could catch multiple mice at once. This sparked an idea for Nick and Carl

so they set out creating prototypes in hopes of creating something similar; after

                                                many failed attempts, they eventually created their own version of the rolling log mouse trap                                                                     which soon received 3-4 orders per week giving them enough motivation to fully commit                                                                         themselves into inventing other types of mousetraps. One of those traps would be “The                                                                        Flip N Slide ”, this new style trap was touted as the worlds greatest mouse trap by popular

                                                   pest control reviewer Shawn woods.

The Rinne brothers' success continued to grow from that point onward. They                                                                                  began receiving orders for the Flip n Slide from all over the world and their                                                                                            business gained more attention with every passing day. Soon, they had a full-time                                                                            staff helping them manage their growing company, which consisted mostly of                                                                                      family members. Nick and Carl even found themselves featured in New York times,

WireCutter and even a few national television shows where they were able to tell the

inspiring story of how they went from working out of a family garage to becoming

successful entrepreneurs.


Where we are now

Today RinneTraps has 6 unique mouse traps under its belt adorned with 8 trademarks and 1 design patent. All their products are designed, manufactured, and hand packaged within their warehouse located in Sarasota, Florida. Their products can be found online through Amazon or more than 500 retail stores nationwide.

Parting thoughts

Rinnetraps is thrilled for what the future holds, and they are grateful to everyone who has supported them in their past, present, and upcoming endeavors. The brothers have ambitious plans with the goal to expand their product line worldwide - helping to create healthier living spaces for all.


Old log Nl 1_edited.png

The Rinne brothers first mouse trap, the 
"Rolling Log Mouse Trap"

The Rinne brothers live in NYC showing off their newest invention
 "The Flip N Slide Mouse Trap" with host of CBS
Innovation Nation Mo Rocca

The Flip N Slide listed under New York Times, Wirecutter as one of the top 5 best Mouse Traps on the market

Insta 1.jpg

The Rinne brothers with their newest invention,
the  "Flip N Slide Mouse Trap

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