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Introducing the revolutionary Flip N Slide Mouse/Rat Trap, proudly invented & handcrafted in the USA to redefine rodent control. Transform any standard 5-gallon bucket into the ultimate trapping solution, leaving behind the inefficiency and unsanitary nature of disposable traps.


Why choose the Flip N Slide over traditional traps?


  • Unmatched catch rates: Through rigorous testing in a barn teeming with rodent activity, our trap outperformed the competition by nearly 4 times, ensuring higher efficacy in rodent eradication.


  • Auto-reset mechanism: Capable of capturing over 30 mice and 10+ medium-sized rats, the Flip N Slide eliminates the need for constant monitoring and resetting, providing continuous protection against infestations.


  • Mess-free operation: Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning up after traditional traps. With the Flip N Slide, simply release or relocate captured rodents away from your home, maintaining a hygienic environment effortlessly.


  • Sustainability: Unlike disposable alternatives, our trap is designed for reusability, offering a long-lasting solution to rodent control without contributing to unnecessary waste.


Join the movement towards effective, eco-friendly rodent control with the Flip N Slide Mouse/Rat Trap - your trusted partner in safeguarding your home and surroundings.


(NOTE): 5 Gallon Bucket is NOT included

Pick up a 5-Gal Bucket for as low as $2.96 at your local (Home Depot, Lowes, ace hardware or even Walmart)


Flip N Slide Mouse Trap Bucket Lid Mouse Trap | Made in USA

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