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The ultimate solution for trapping and eliminating pesky mice from your home or workplace. This innovative trap is expertly crafted from high-quality materials, boasting superior design and exceptional functionality that enables it to effortlessly spin mice into a 5-gallon bucket, catching multiple rodents at once.


The Dizzy Dunker offers an effective and humane way to get rid of mice without the use of harmful chemicals or poisons. It is affordably priced, making it a smart investment for anyone who wants to maintain a pest-free environment.


  • Multi Catch: Our auto resseting wheel makes it possible to catch up to 40 + mice in one night


  • Pet & Children Safe : No pinch points, springs or poisions that can harm your loved ones.


  • Effective and humane: A wheel on a bucket, mice it traps, Easy catch and release, with no mishaps.


  • Easy-to-Use & Maintain: Quickly assemble in 90 seconds with video and photo instructions, effortless to clean and reuse


  • 🦅Made in the USA: We proudly design, manufacture, and ship from our small family business shop located in the USA.


Invented, Tested, and Endorsed by Shawn Woods, a Mouse Trap Expert and the producer of wildly popular youtube Series "Mouse Trap Monday".

Dizzy Dunker Bucket Lid Mouse Trap | Made In USA

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