In the year 2016, my older brother Carl, who was 19 at the time, and I (Nick)

founded the brand RinneTraps. Prior to the official creation of our brand,we

had been tinkering around with hobby projects in our family’s garage since

we were children. One of these projects would evolve into something much

larger than we could have ever imagined.

How we got started


Our family has always had a tendency for making things ourselves. From fixing the leaky

kitchen faucet, to maintaining our cars, to building our own houses. The ability to do the

work ourselves was instilled in my brother and I early on by our father. Having been taught to solve problems on our own, we put this mindset to good use when we  discovered mice had invaded our cabin. We immediately began thinking of ways to

solve the infestation without having to hire a professional. We spent some time drawing and creating prototypes of what we thought would be a good design for  catching multiple mice. We would of course become immensely frustrated very quickly with this approach seeing as none of our prototypes that we created ever did what they were supposed to do--catch mice! It wasn’t until (Carl) found a YouTube video by a content creator (Shawn woods). This video consisted of a  log balanced on top of a bucket that caught 20+ mice in one night. He put together a rough prototype of what he saw on this video. The trap was a 11-inch PVC plumbing pipe with 2 sheet rock sticking out the end to balance on a bucket. It wasn’t pretty but oh boy did it work. On the first night of setting up this  so called "mouse trap",  it ended up catching 5 mice. He went on and, on all night, about how this mouse trap is best mouse trap in the world,  and how we should capitalize on it by selling it on Ebay or Amazon. Me being the typical

                                                         younger brother, I immediately shot him down and told him that nobody would ever purchase

                                                             a “PVC pipe with 2 sheet rock screws”.  Just to prove that it wouldn't sell, I went ahead and

                                                             took some photos, wrote a description, and gave it a title “The Rolling Log Mouse Trap” and

                                                             listed it on eBay. To my surprise in just 5 minutes, I got a notification on my phone stating

                                                          “Your item has sold”. In that very exact moment, me and carl knew we had a business on

                                                         our hands.



Where we are now


We now sell 6 unique never before seen mouse traps hold 6 trade marks and 2 patents.   We have since moved out of our family garage and moved into a 7000 SQFT manufacturing warehouse. In this warehouse, we design, manufacture and hand package all our products and currently employ over 20+ people in the beautiful sunshine state of Florida. You can find our products on amazon and over 400+ retail stores worldwide.

Parting thoughts

We are always thankful for the support that our customers have shown us over

the years and are excited to continue developing new products to serve our

customers better every day.


Old log Nl 1_edited.png

The Rinne brothers first mouse trap, the 
"Rolling Log Mouse Trap"

The Rinne brothers with their newest invention,
the  "Flip N Slide Mouse Trap

The Rinne brothers live in NYC showing off their newest invention
 "The Flip N Slide Mouse Trap" with host of CBS
Innovation Nation Mo Rocca